Airhole Facemasks

Airhole make the best facemasks money can buy! The reason is because Airhole is owned by snowboarders and only makes technically advanced facemasks for snowboarding and skiing. To make a product as functional as Airhole you have to look at the technology employed. The Airhole signature design (i.e. the hole for your mouth) expels moisture, retains heat, eliminates goggle fogging, and allows for uninterrupted breathing and hydrating from camel packs or water bottles.

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Airhole Facemasks

Airhole masks are designed to help protect your face from the elements. Winter sports activities bombard your exposed skin with rain, snow, sun, and wind. The Airhole mask provides a barrier against these destructive forces using a weather resistant outer shell and a warm soft lining against your face. Heat loss from the head is significant and prolonged exposure will result in failure. The face is a significant part of the head and is often neglected when dressing for snowboarding. Correct dressing in adverse conditions is essential for health and safety, as well as extending exposure time. Cold burns energy and retaining heat retains energy levels. Wear an Airhole, look good, keep warm, prolong time on the snow - Simple!


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